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About Us

  CyprusABC is a project of a few foreigners who were looking for a site which has all the links to Cyprus related websites. After searching in all the searchengines we couldn't really find a good overview of all those links, and we decided to make a site ourself.

Offcourse we would like you to enjoy as well from our site and make your life on Internet much easier by coming to CyprusABC. The purpose of CyprusABC is to give links to Cyprus related sites and to inform you about useful stuff regarding Cyprus. For example, usefull phonenumbers, Cyprus weather, maps of Cyprus, etc. We want to have as many sites possible, so if you see a site you are missing on CyprusABC, please contact us and we will put it on the correct page.

We hope that you will find our site useful, easy to use and satisfactory so you will come back anytime you need to find something about Cyprus on the Internet.


Team CyprusABC